Download Bully: Anniversary Edition Apk (Original) For Android

Download Bully: Anniversary Edition Apk (Original) for Android. This is considered a GTA mobile game version released by Rockstar Games.

If GTA revolves around the background of the underworld, Bully Anniversary Edition will take you to school, students and interesting stories at school.

If you’ve ever forgotten to sleep with the famous GTA game on the topic of gangs and underground life on PC, once again you can’t miss Bully Anniversary Edition.

Unlike GTA focusing on the theme of gangster, this game is quite gentle when the player is Bully bullying boy in the process of moving to a new school with many surprises. However, due to his aggressive, naughty nature, Bully has a lot of trouble with his surroundings.

Similar to GTA, Bully Anniversary Edition is built into an action in the open world, where players can freely explore every corner depending on their control.

You can still create a mess, make things to your liking, but things will have to stop quickly because it’s strictly forbidden at school. However, the main core of the game is still a mission containing many meaningful messages.

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