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Download Bulu Monster Apk 6.7.0 (Original) for Android. This is a game to capture and train monsters extremely attractive and free for devices running Android. If you are a fan of the comic book or anime Pokemon, you definitely can not ignore this game.

In this game, players will play the coaches on the peaceful island of Bulu, but what they have to tame and teach is not so gentle. You will have to tame and train these monsters on Bulu Island to become true warriors.

In this adventurous role-playing game, players have to find and capture the monsters themselves. Each monster has different types of power. You will have the opportunity to confront and tame more than 150 monsters on Bulu Island. Although called monsters, players will not need to worry because creating monsters in Bulu Monster for Android is quite eye-catching and cute.

After a process of taming and training, players can let these monsters go to battle by sending a challenge to friends or other online Bulu Monster for Android players.

When confronted in battles, players need to choose the monster with battle points and defenses that match the monster of the other side. After participating in each battle, the player’s monster gains experience points. When a certain level is reached, that monster can level up to a higher level monster.

What are you waiting for without installing Bulu Monster for Android and prove your monster training skills are the best.

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