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Downlod Moy 4 Mod Apk 1.95 (Unlimited Money) for Android. This is the 4th part in the series of attractive pet simulation games for phones. Similar to previous versions, Moy 4 is designed with lovely graphics, suitable for all ages.

Moy 4 offers players more than 85 minigames and different activities. Similar to its predecessors, there will be many games and ways for you to collect coins.

The minigames are classified into 4 different categories, including: casual, video games, racing and puzzle. Also, there are lots of creative activities like playing piano, drums or guitar.

You can also spend time painting, coloring books, managing a zoo, growing flowers in a garden, saving sick people by playing doctor games, and more.

In Moy 4, the player will continue to be taken care of by Uncle Moy. Help Moy by brushing his teeth, bathe him when he’s dirty, tell him when he goes to bed, feed him healthy food, exercise and play games with him.

The more you take care of your Moy, the more mature and happy he will be. The money you earn from playing any of the different mini games can be used to buy new clothes, body color, hairstyle or even a beard for your Moy.

Moy 4 for Android, you not only have hours of fun and humor. But also have the opportunity to take care of a very cute little pet, named Moy. With realistic emotions, beautiful graphics and smooth animations. You will feel Moy as if it really exists. Moy will make you love and want to take care of every day.

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